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The program is a multifaceted approach to building an energy efficient and comfortable new home that will endure for generations to come. Every aspect, whether big or small, has been carefully considered during construction, to ensure the final product is a ‘green’ home that has minimal impact on your energy bills and the environment.

The Eco Smart Program tackles numerous energy efficiency categories, which includes resource efficiency, overall energy savings, as well as indoor air quality. However, let’s face it: setting strict guidelines and following them while building the home is simply not enough. To ensure each home built is certified for energy efficiency, Coventry Homes involves third-party inspectors to assess every aspect of the home.

What is the result? Well designed, carefully built energy-efficient homes from every angle! If you are looking for more information, read on.


Learn more about Coventry Homes’ energy-efficient homes in the Austin area.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Learn more about Coventry Homes’ Energy Star 3.1 certified homes in this area.


Find out why Coventry is the supreme choice in Houston for resource efficiency, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality. Coventry goes the extra mile to ensure your home is Environments For Living (EFL)® certified.

San Antonio

Environments For Living (EFL)® certification ensures your home with water efficiency, indoor air quality and savings on energy bills on homes in San Antonio — Coventry Homes is a natural choice for buyers concerned about the environment.

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