Wilshire Homes is now Coventry Homes.
Model Homes Gallery | San Antonio

San Antonio Model Home Gallery - Coventry Homes

It’s true a picture can be worth more than any number of words. Tour Coventry’s model homes virtually!

San Antonio | Model Homes

Arbors at Fair Oaks Ranch

29806 Capstone Walk

Gatesville (3111 B)

Bindseil Farms

2033 Breton Pass

Granbury (2488 D)

Carmen Heights  | Carmen Heights

11306 Carmen Heights

Breckenridge (2300 A)


23325 Emerald Pass

Malea (3653 E)


105 Palisades

Garland (2430 C)


869 Silver Fox

Calvert (2539 C)

Gruene Haven / River Chase

104 Gruene Haven

(2839 C)

Kinder Ranch

1739 Roaring Fork

Laguna (2583 D)

Legend Point

3934 Legend Park

Liberty (1864 C)

Stillwater Ranch

12414 Mineshaft

Woodlake (2540 C)