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Why Coventry

Eco Smart Homes in Dallas/Fort Worth

Constructing energy-efficient new homes in Dallas/Fort Worth is only the beginning for Coventry Homes. Coventry’s building program strictly follows the standards set by the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes Program.

So, when you are buying a new home from Coventry, you gain a considerable amount in energy savings, and leave a smaller impact on the environment. In all means, homes built by Coventry are truly “Eco Smart.” Building LEED-certified homes since 2010, here is what Coventry Homes offers you:


Every home built by Coventry Homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is LEED-certified. Certification through this ‘green’ initiative requires builders to follow strict environmentally friendly mandates in order to build high performance homes that utilize less water, less energy, creates less waste and is more comfortable and healthier for the occupants. You can get additional information about LEED for Homes by clicking this link:

Efficiency Promise

All homes built by Coventry meet the criteria for the Efficiency Promise Program. This entitles the homeowner a two-year limited guarantee on the energy utilized to heat and cool the home. If the actual energy usage exceeds the amount guaranteed, 100% of the difference is paid by Efficiency Promise for the first two years of your home ownership.

New home shoppers will be happy to know that each Coventry home is ENERGY STAR® certified. This ensures our homes are 15% more efficient as compared to homes built according to the 2007 code, in addition to being 30% more efficient than those constructed during the 2000s. Coventry Homes employs the following energy-saving building standards:

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances, including programmable thermostats, light fixtures, dishwashers, and ceiling fans.
  • A 16 SEER A/C system, which requires less energy to run, and is quieter than most other systems.
  • Air leakages are checked through a “blower door test.” Air leakages typically cause more than 30% of the home’s heat loss.
  • Custom HVAC unit and duct sizing that is based on the size of the home, and the number of windows.
  • Coordination of return or transfer grills, as well as jump ducts in bedrooms in order to create balanced air pressure. This allows the HVAC system to perform as efficiently as possible.
  • Rafter vents and baffles keep the attic ventilated, which means that your home is guarded against moisture and is more comfortable during summers. On the other hand, it builds heated air in the winter, keeping you warm during the cool months.

Indoor Air Quality

Each Coventry home is equipped with 4-inch pleated MERV air filters and mechanically controlled air intakes, ensuring optimum air quality. Moreover, the home’s foundation has a vapor barrier, which minimizes moisture and maximizes the overall energy efficiency of your home.

However, that is not all! To make sure that air quality is not compromised, each home undertakes a thorough thermal bypass assessment. This also includes a third-party analysis of the areas where air barriers are frequently missed, as well as an insulation inspection to make sure they are properly aligned with the air barriers.

This extra measure ensures the thermal and air barriers are complete and continuous, which in turn saves you money, increases the longevity of your HVAC system, and not to mention decreases air infiltration significantly.

Water Efficiency

Coventry enhances water efficiency in your home by adding numerous smart features; the most prominent being the ‘PEX plumbing system’. It comes with a configuration manifold, so that each bathroom has its own hot water line. This causes the warm water to reach fittings twice as fast as copper.

Additionally, Coventry’s weather-based irrigation systems can reduce outdoor water usage by almost 15%. That is equivalent to almost 37 gallons daily! The foundation has separate dedicated zones, which protects your home during drought as effectively as possible.

Resource Efficiency

High-grade engineered lumber is used in the floor and wall framing whenever possible. This adds value to the construction, as engineered lumber is durable, defect-free, and is capable of supporting heavy loads over long durations. Since a considerably less amount of lumber is required by this engineered product, fewer trees need to be cut and waste is minimized.

Coventry Homes also makes use of cementitious and brick siding for exterior cladding, which therefore decreases the amount of air entering and escaping through the building. As an extra, all exterior cladding products come with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee!

Moisture Management

Proper moisture management protects the health of your family and enhances the durability of your home. That is why Coventry also places special emphasis on moisture management, and uses an ongoing drainage plan to prevent water from penetrating the wall. Not only this, all the doors and windows around the home are installed with proper flashing to protect your home against moisture and air leaks.


Homes built by Coventry are RESNET and EPA certified. Coventry is partners with ENERGY STAR®, and participates in the Quality Assurance program by RESNET. Moreover, the installation of the home’s walls, foundation, roof, and vapor barrier, are certified by third-party inspectors. Coventry’s homes are also LEED certified, and are endorsed by Green Built Texas program.

A Closer Look

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Building Homes that are Certified and Verified Green Homes

Homes built by Coventry are RESNET and EPA certified. Coventry is partners with Energy Star, and participates in the Quality Assurance program by RESNET. Moreover, the installation of the home’s walls, foundation, roof, and vapor barrier, are certified by third-party inspectors. Coventry’s homes are also LEED certified, and are endorsed by Green Built Texas program.

HVAC Unit and Duct Sizing

We look for every opportunity to incorporate energy efficiency into each of our homes because we know it will result in a quality, healthy home. That’s why each home in our Eco Smart program has its own A/C and heating blueprint based on the number and size of windows, size of home, and other energy efficient components such as insulation, ventilation and equipment efficiency ratings. Based on all components working together as a system, we properly size the HVAC equipment using the acceptable industry standard Manual J according to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and EPA standards.

Energy Star Rated Appliances

Energy efficiency doesn’t stop with heating and cooling. To help maximize the energy savings for your home, Energy Star rated dishwashers, light fixtures, and ceiling fans are included to provide some of the highest levels of energy efficiency available today.

Programmable Thermostat Combination Humidistat

We control both the temperature and humidity levels in each home through the use of a temperature and humidity thermostat, providing greater energy savings and comfort to homeowners. Being programmable, it allows you the ability to control the temperature and humidity levels according to your desire and schedule.

Attic Ventilation

A well-ventilated attic keeps your home more comfortable in summer and guards against moist, heated air build up in winter. Our homes are designed with a ventilation system that optimizes circulation and heat displacement.

16 SEER A/C System

By properly sizing and matching the evaporator coil to the condensing unit, our homes deliver an air conditioning system rated at 16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating).

R-49 Ceiling Insulation

The barrier between the outdoor and indoor air temperature provides some of the greatest energy savings in a home. That’s why we exceed minimum standards and install R-49 ceiling blown insulation in flat attic spaces.

Air Infiltration

We use a two stage sealing process around wall and floor penetrations, as well as between building materials, to reduce air infiltration and ensure a healthier indoor environment.