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Austin Model Home Gallery - Coventry Homes

Discover your dream home with a virtual tour of Coventry’s model homes throughout the greater Austin area. Explore a variety of styles and find the perfect fit for your unique needs!

Austin | Model Homes

6 Creeks

143 Mineral River Lp

Asherton (2108-CM-40 )

6 Creeks

131 Mineral River Lp

Wichita (3426-CM-50 )


20525 Martin Lane

Burkburnett II (2480-CM-40 )

Carneros Ranch

2333 Sauterne Dr

Hideaway (2837-CM-50 ELE-B)

Double Eagle Ranch

112 Double Eagle Ranch Dr

Hamilton (2848-CL-60 )

Hutto Town Square

200 Westfield St

Grandview (2041-CV-40 )

Hutto Town Square

202 Westfield St

Granbury (2488-CV-40 )

La Cima | La Cima 50' Homesites

105 Heartleaf Rd

Denison (2285-CM-40 ELE-C)

La Cima | La Cima 70' Homesites

111 Heartleaf Rd

Hamilton (2848-CL-60 ELE-E)

Lakeside at Tessera on Lake Travis

8108 Turning Leaf Cr

Dumont (2870-CM-40 ELE-C)

Palmera Ridge | Palmera Ridge 50''

2520 Carretera Dr

Zavalla (3253-CM-50 )

Parkside on the River | Parkside on the River 50' Homesites

1022 Texas Ash Ln

Denison (2285-CM-40 ELE-C)

Parkside on the River | Parkside on the River 60' Homesites

1026 Texas Ash Ln

Brookshire (3061-CM-45 ELE-D)

Santa Rita Ranch  | Santa Rita Ranch Homestead 50' Homesites

520 Exploration Cr

Goodrich (2493-CV-40 ELE-H)

Santa Rita Ranch  | Santa Rita Ranch Homestead 60' Homesites

516 Exploration Cr

Willis (3144-CM-50 ELE-H)

Sonoma Heights

2500 Forest Creek Dr # 2502

Merlot (1590-CS-25 ELE-9B)

The Hollows on Lake Travis

19316 Splendor Ct

Kaufman (4114-CL-60 )

Wolf Ranch Garden Homes

124 Diamondback Dr

Barstow (2011-CS-35 )

Wolf Ranch Garden Homes

120 Diamondback Dr

Clyde (2692-CS-35 )

Wolf Ranch Hilltop 71' | Wolf Ranch 71'

100 Barefoot Park Ln

Weston (3563-CL-60 )

Wolf Ranch South Fork | Wolf Ranch 51' Homesites

108 Blackberry Cv

Dumont (2870-CM-40 )