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Online Tools to Plan Your New Home

Online Tools to Plan Your New Home

When searching for a new home, the amount of options and choice can often be overwhelming. And with so many choices available, it can be hard to decide what you want in a new home. 

Thankfully, new online home design tools allow buyers to explore and preview interior design trends and styles without ever setting foot in a home. By doing a little research and figuring out which type of home design will match your tastes and styles, you will be better prepared as you search for a new home.

Follow our steps below to make the most of online tools during your home buying process.

Step 1: Figure Out What You Like

Most people already have a sense of what type of home they want to design and aesthetic wise, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be open to new ideas. Before definitively deciding that your new home style needs to be mid-century chic, take some time to investigate the latest design trends to see if they mesh well with your desired design.

As an exploration tool, Facebook is a great asset. Follow popular and top designers on the platform to see photos of the hottest and latest designs directly in your newsfeed. Even better, the platform suggests pages you may like based on your previous likes, so ideas from new designers are consistently available. Cultivate a group of designers and aesthetics, and then move on to the next phase.

Step 2: Piece it Together

Now that you have an idea of the brands and styles you may like, begin to cultivate ideas for specific rooms.

When it comes to piecing together designs for individual rooms, Pinterest is the undisputed platform of choice. If you are not using Pinterest for your home décor planning, then you are missing out on where the brands are – home décor, art, and design are some of the top followed industries on the platform.

Pinterest gives you the ability to organize your ideas into boards (Kitchen, Bath, Bedroom, etc.) and group saved “pins” from various designers into a cohesive group. As you build up your boards, you can truly begin to see how your different tastes, styles, and aesthetics come together per room and get a more genuine feel of how a finished room will be presented.

Another platform to explore ideas is Houzz. Similar to Pinterest, Houzz allows you to group your ideas by room and discover new ideas. A big difference is that photos and ideas pinned on Houzz most often come directly from designers, so rather than viewing products only from a specific company, you get to see a mix.

Step 3: Put It In Place

By now you should have an idea of how you want a room to look. Now you just need to piece it together.

Coventry Homes allows you to select one of our award-winning floor plans and virtually design your home right from the comfort of your computer. Our tool allows for the virtual placement of furniture, the ability to add design options such as a kitchen island or expanded garage, and more, giving buyers the power to design a home around their needs.

Step 4: Make it Happen with Coventry Homes

Anytime is the perfect time to begin research into your new home. Whether you are just getting started or know exactly what you want, the talented team at Coventry Homes can help to find a new home for sale in the style and location that you desire. Plus, new homebuyers in the Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio regions can meet with a consultant in our design center in order to select the perfect finishing touches for their new home.

Contact a sales counselor today to learn more about the floor plans available from Coventry Homes in great communities throughout the Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio areas.