Why Coventry

Eco Smart Homes for Sale in Houston

For Coventry Homes, meeting the lauded ENERGY STAR standards is just the first step up the ladder, as all of its homes built in Houston go way beyond the program’s already stringent energy-efficiency measures. Moreover, the focus to provide resource efficiency and indoor air quality raises Coventry’s building program in Houston, which results in comfortable and healthy homes that are built to last!

Energy Savings

Each home built by Coventry is Environments for Living certified, which is an initiative that goes beyond the guarantees provided by the renowned ENERGY STAR program. On an average, homes built by Coventry are almost 50% more efficient as compared to those built earlier than 2000, and 15% more efficient than homes built through the ENERGY STAR standards. The energy-saving building standards employed by Coventry are as follows:

  • A programmable humidistat or thermostat that is ideal to keeping the ever-increasing humidity of Houston under your control.
  • A barrier is created between indoor and outdoor air temperatures using an R-38 ceiling insulation, which in turn provides your home with great energy savings.
  • Customized duct sizing and HVAC unit, based on the amount of windows as well as the size of the home.
  • A 16 SEER A/C system that is quieter as well as energy efficient, because it requires a considerably less amount of energy to run.
  • Soffit and roof ridge ventilation keeps your attic well ventilated, which in turn protects it against moisture and makes it comfortable during both summers and winters.

Energy Usage/Comfort Guarantee

The energy efficiency program by The Environments for Living®, has been specifically designed to determine the amount of energy your home will require for heating and cooling, and provide comfort through a three-year limited guarantee for energy usage.

Home Energy Rating System

Coventry actively takes part in the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), which is an index is used widely in the home building industry to measure the energy efficiency of a home. Moreover, it is also recognized nationally as a system to calculate and inspect the energy performance of a home, therefore providing buyers the opportunity to compare the energy efficiencies of different home. This can be particularly useful when you are looking for energy efficient homes for sale.

This index is quite similar to the automobile industry’s ‘miles-per-gallon’, which is used to measure the fuel efficiency of different vehicles. However, unlike the latter, for the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) the lower the rating is, the less energy is used to cool and heat a home. As a result, your home will require a lower cost to operate.

Indoor Air Quality

You can breathe easily knowing that your home is outfitted with high performance MERV air filters and controllable air intakes. However, to ensure optimum air quality even further, each home goes through a thermal bypass assessment, which also includes a third-party analysis of the areas where air barriers are frequently missed, as well as an insulation inspection to make sure they are properly aligned with the air barriers.

This measure ensures the thermal and air barriers are complete and continuous, which as a result decreases air infiltration, saves you some money, and not to mention increases the HVAC system’s longevity.

Resource Efficiency

Coventry uses engineered lumber for the construction of the house’s wall and floor structures whenever it is applicable, therefore adding value to the construction. That is because engineered lumber is not only defect-free, but also stronger, and can bear heavy loads for long spans of time. Additionally, since these products require less lumber to be produced, waste is kept to a minimum, meaning fewer trees to be cut down.


Homes built by Coventry are RESNET and EPA certified. Coventry also actively participates in the Quality Assurance program by RESNET, which through third-party reviews certifies homes. Moreover, each home is built following the strict standards of the Department of Energy Builder’s Challenge as well as Environments for Living® program, which ensures that you get a home that will last you for generations to come!

A Closer Look

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To ensure consistent quality standards, several inspections are conducted throughout the construction process. Coventry Homes is determined to achieve customer peace of mind. That is why detailed inspections of the foundation are carried out by a third-party inspector both before and during the placement of the structural frame, concrete, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, and heating. The following inspections are also performed by the inspector:

  • Windstorm inspection
  • Final cosmetic appearance
  • Drainage
  • Attic ventilation and insulation
  • Operation of mechanical appliances and systems
Additional inspections are also conducted whenever it is required.

Wiring and Alarm

Each home uses a state-of-the-art wiring infrastructure for home entertainment and communications, which consists of the advanced RG6 and CAT5E wiring. Moreover, for peace of mind and security an operational alarm system with monitoring capabilities can also be installed.


The FlowGuard Gold® plumbing system in your home effectively maintains the quality of water. It is a lot more energy efficient than other systems and requires less maintenance, therefore resulting in greater reliability.

Exterior Paint

The exterior of your home is painted using the following components:

  • UV coating – It prevents the color of the paint from fading overtime.
  • Solvent-free powder technology – It decreases the levels of volatile organic compounds.
  • Mildew resistant paint – This type of paint ensures that the exterior of your home requires less maintenance.